Australia’s First MRI AIR Tech Installed at SCR Smith Street

South Coast Radiology has installed Australia’s first GE 3T MRI system equipped with Air Recon DL Technology.

This first MRI AIR Tech delivers consistently superior image quality in a significantly reduced scan time. Meaning, the patient spends less time on the bed without any compromise on image quality.

From form to function, the new MRI AIR Tech has been constructed to improve patient comfort, boasting redeveloped AIR Coils that were awarded the best new radiology device of 2019. AIR Coils are lighter, provide more coverage, and conform to the human body like a blanket (compared to conventional coils). AIR Tech also features Comfort Tilt head coils that are adjusted to suit each patient like a pillow to provide maximum comfort for head / neck pathology.

MRI AIR Tech proactively addresses motion during the scan, allowing for slight movement caused due to pain, and particularly useful in the instance of paediatric imaging. The new AIR Technology allows the bed to sit lower in the bore which creates a heightened sense of space, and patients can enter the scanner feet first (scan dependant), helping to alleviate anxiety due to feelings of claustrophobia.

Until now, there has been an inherent balance in MRI between image quality vs. length of scan time. With the new MRI AIR Tech, clinicians have perfect harmony between quality and duration.

What started with an engineering breakthrough has led to a chain of innovation which has transformed the entire MRI experience.

MRI AIR Tech will soon become the gold standard for diagnostic MRI.

MRI AIR Tech is now servicing patients at SCR Smith Street.

This installation marks the 5th addition to South Coast Radiology’s MRI fleet, expanding access to MRI services on the Tweed and Gold Coast. Our dedicated MRI bookings team will schedule your MRI at the most appropriate location relative to your referred imaging requirements.