Cancer Treatment and Therapies

Diagnostic medical imaging is paramount to the diagnosis, treatment and staging assessment of cancer. South Coast Radiology works hand in hand with specialist Oncologists to treat a diverse range of cancers and conditions, delivering the appropriate care plan to each individual patient.

Nuclear Imaging and Therapy Centre   |   John Flynn Private Hospital

South Coast Radiology is pleased to announce one of the biggest upgrades to medical services on the southern Gold Coast is complete, with the redevelopment at John Flynn Private Hospital. The $8.4 million project has transformed radiology on the Coast, giving residents access to the first fully digital PET/CT scanner in a private hospital in Australia, plus the expansion of our Nuclear Imaging and Therapy services.

Our Nuclear Imaging and Therapy Centre gives patients access to Queensland’s first fully digital Discovery MI PET/CT Scanner, which can help clinicians in diagnosing and staging disease earlier. Patients will benefit from this $2 million, state-of-the-art technology as it gives a lower dose of radiation, the scan time is reduced and clinicians can more accurately monitor cancer therapy.

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GenesisCare Theranostics

Our collaboration with GenesisCare Theranostics aims to provide cutting edge targeted molecular diagnostic imaging and therapeutic agents for the diagnosis and treatment of cancers including Lutetium PSMA Therapy for metastatic or treatment resistant prostate cancer.

The work with GenesisCare Theranostics will open new opportunities for South Coast Radiology allowing us to become part of a national and international network of clinical trials, providing access to new therapeutic agents as they come to market whilst ensuring we are part of comprehensive clinical governance framework.

Further, we believe this will ensure that our Molecular Imaging Service on the Gold Coast is recognized for its quality and research based outcomes and will establish South Coast Radiology as leaders in this exciting new field of medicine which combines specific targeted therapies with molecular diagnostic imaging.

South Coast Radiology’s Radiologists and lead Interventional Radiologist work closely with Oncologists and Specialists during the pre and post planning stages of patients diagnosed with many forms of cancer, including; Liver, prostate and breast.

For more information please visit GenesisCare Theranostics, email at or phone at 08 9438 8500 to learn more about advanced cancer therapies.

SIRT Liver Therapy

SIRT Therapy (Selective Internal Radiation Therapy) is a treatment for cancer and tumours that are located within the liver. The aim of this treatment is to reduce tumour size in inoperable tumours or decrease the number of lesions in the liver.

During the procedure, isotope spheres become lodged in the smaller blood vessels surrounding the liver tumour/s, and the radiation emitted damages the unhealthy cancers cells that are present in that targeted region, over time reducing tumour size and preventing further matastases.

Damage to any healthy tissue is kept to a minimum, and the radiation has dissipated within a month. The biodegradable spheres are naturally broken down by the body.

SIRT Therapy is a very specific type of treatment and is an alternative to more conventional forms of therapy, which are delivered externally.

For more information regarding Yttrium-90 SIRT Therapy for liver cancer, please visit GenesisCare Australia.

Lutetium PSMA Therapy

Lutetium PSMA Therapy aims to improve a patients symptoms, reduce the size of of the tumour/s, and slow the growth. This therapy is used when the prostate cancer has metastasised (spread), and can be effective when alternate treatments have failed, or are causing significant harm or side-effects.

PSMA is a type of protein found on the surface of a cell in the prostate. If you have prostate cancer, your PSMA levels will a higher level than that of normal. Lutetium is a radioactive substance that damages and destroys the cancer cells in a targeted manner.

The PSMA molecule is bound with Lutetium, and travels to the unhealthy cells, meaning the rest of your body is not exposed to radiation.

Before starting this therapy, you will be referred by your Oncologist for a PET/CT scan to ensure the radiation will target the right areas during treatment.

Your doctor will explain this procedure to you carefully, and you will have time to discuss the treatment and side-effects.

Although Lutetium PSMA Therapy can reduce the size of of the tumours and slow the growth, it does not act to cure the cancer.

For more information please visit GenesisCare Theranostics, email at or phone at 08 9438 8500 to learn more about advanced cancer therapies.

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