For Referrers

South Coast Radiology offers medical practitioners electronic access to patient images and reports via several fast and convenient delivery methods; InteleViewer, InteleConnect EV, Medinexus and direct downloads into your Practice Management Software (PMS). Our state-of-the-art PACS allows registered users fast access to both current and past reports and images.

Having trouble?

If your practice is having issues downloading electronic reports, please be sure that your internet is working. If it is, please check with healthlink that you are connecting to their service successfully by contacting them here, or on 1800 125 036.

If you have forgotten your Medinexus username or password, please contact Medinexus here or 1300 79 69 59.

If you have forgotten your InteleViewer or InteleConnect EV username or password, please complete the IT Direct form below.

For all other issues, please contact our Support Desk here, or on 1300 629 929.