Newly Installed Canon Aquilion One Genesis CT at Mackay Radiology

Advanced CT Technology expands Mackay Radiology’s Scanning Service

ONE Beat Cardiac CT

  • Wide area 16cm detector to allow for Whole Heart coverage in a single heartbeat acquisition
  • Advanced Cardiac Arrhythmia rejection software
  • Cardiac Adaptive Motion Correction Software to reduce cardiac motion artefact in patients with higher heart rates
  • Exceptional image quality with Cardiac specific software for image optimisation

Enhanced Acquisition Modes

  • Variable Helical Pitch allows for long length Angiography at reduced doses to patient, minimised contrast administration and reduced patient cardiac motion artefact.

Metal Artefact Reduction

  • SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artefact Reduction) utilises a unique reconstruction technique to reduce metal artefact improving visualisation of implants and supporting bone and adjacent soft tissues.

Non-invasive Dynamic Airway Assessment

  • Construct dynamic 4D real time representations of airways to demonstrate pathological and anatomical abnormalities

Ultra-Low-dose CT (ULDCT) chest scanning

  • Using ULDCT as an alternative to chest X-Ray removes unwanted noise for greater diagnostic image quality, and reduces false-positive and false-negative readings
  • Occupational screening

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