Paediatric MRI

Patients under 16 years of age are now eligible for Medicare benefits when a general practitioners orders an MRI for:

  • Scan of head for any of the following - unexplained seizure(s), unexplained headache where significant pathology is suspected, and paranasal sinus pathology that has not responded to conservative therapy
  • Scan of spine* following radiographic examination for any or the following - significant trauma, unexplained neck or back pain with associated neurological signs, and unexplained back pain where significant pathology is suspected
  • Scan of knee following radiographic examination for internal joint derangement*
  • Scan of hip following radiographic examination for any of the following - suspected septic arthritis, suspected slipped capital femoral epiphysis, and suspected Perthes disease (disorder of the hip joint)*
  • Scan of elbow following radiographic examination where a significant fracture or avulsion injury is suspected that would change the way in which the patient is managed*
  • Scan of wrist following radiographic examination where scaphoid fracture is suspected*

* MRI can only be bulk-billed post x-ray examination of region.   Note x-ray examination will be limited as clinically appropriate to minimise radiation dose