3D-4D Pregnancy Ultrasound

ln addition to our diagnostic obstetric ultrasound service, we offer elective 4D ultrasounds. 3D ultrasound shows the surface of the baby and shows beautiful facial features, fingers and toes. 4D simply means watching the baby’s expressions and movement as they happen in realtime.

Our state-of-the-art GE technology can show the baby's features up close; letting the patient watch as the baby moves within the womb, perhaps opening and closing its hands, smiling, yawning or even kicking.


Who will be performing the 4D scan?

One of our qualified obstetric sonographers, who have all the necessary education and experience to be licensed by Medicare to provide medical ultrasound examinations, will conduct the 4D ultrasound scan. Additionally, all have been trained in 3D/4D imaging techniques and have extensive obstetric experience.


When should a woman have a 4D scan?

This study is best performed between 24 and 32 weeks when the head is still high in the uterus, and enough amniotic fluid surrounds the face, which by now has developed enough subcutaneous fat to recognise facial features.


Will the patient always get a perfect picture of the baby’s face?

The patient will usually get to see baby’s face, but not always. If the baby is persistently positioned face down (looking toward the spine) it might be difficult to see the baby’s face. If this happens, the patient will be asked to take a short walk to encourage the baby to move position. Every effort will be made to obtain the best possible images. However, success depends on baby’s age, position and the amount of surrounding fluid, as well as Mum's size.

Please Note:  Taking of photos and all forms of videoing and recording is strictly prohibited at all times.


Medical requirements

Please note that the 4D scan is not a medically indicated scan and there is no Medicare rebate or private health fund rebate available. A separate Doctors referral will be required for patients that wish to have 4D ultrasound imaging performed.  Our sonographers will only be able to perform 4D scans on patients who have had their 18-22 week morphology scan performed at one of our practices, to ensure that gestational age, fetal anomaly and wellbeing checks have been performed to our quality standard. lf an abnormality or concern about your baby’s wellbeing is suspected during the 4D scan, the referring Doctor will be contacted


Take home CD

After the 4D scan, the patient will receive a CD with still images and a movie of the baby moving, to share with family and friends.

Please Note:  There is a possibility due to factors beyond our control that images and movies may be unattainable at the time of the scan, depending on the position of the baby and the pregnancy.  In these instances this will be explained by the Sonographer.