CT Colonography

CT Colonography is specialised CT examination used to examine the large bowel.

CT Colonography involves expanding the large bowel by introducing a catheter a short way into the rectum to distend the bowel with air. An injection of buscopan may be required to relax the bowel motion. Two series of non contrast scans are then performed to ensure the entire bowel is adequately visualised; one with the patient laying prone (chest down), and another supine (back down).

Patients usually tolerate the procedure well, with the whole examination lasting approximately 30 minutes.

During a colonoscopy the doctor may hit a dead end and be forced to finish the examination without visualising the entire large bowel. In these cases CT Colonography is requested as an additional test and is usually performed on the same day as a colonoscopy to save the patient from going through the preparation twice. 

CT Colonography is also usually requested on those patients that have previously had a failed colonoscopy. CT Colonoscopy can also be used as a screening and monitoring tool of known polyps.


Before CT Colonography

The examination requires a clean bowel of which patients will need to prepare prior to the scan. Your preparation kit should be collected 3 days prior to your appointment, alternatively this kit can be posted to the patient with instructions. The patient will be able to resume their usual diet immediately after the exam.


After CT Colonography

The images require a significant amount of time to assess and report. South Coast Radiology will send the images and report to the referring doctor via the usual means of electronic downloads or delivery. If the patient would like a copy, they may have to return later that day to collect. 


CT Colonography is performed at the following locations:

Pindara Private Hospital

John Flynn Hospital

Tweed Heads

Darling Downs Radiology

Mackay Radiology