Hospital Inpatients

Inpatient Services

South Coast Radiology provides diagnostic imaging services at:

South Coast Radiology is a diagnostic imaging group privately owned and are a separate company from the private hospital and the Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments. If you require any medical imaging tests during your hospital admission, the imaging service will be provided by the staff and doctors of South Coast Radiology. These services may be performed on the ward, in theatre or at the South Coast Radiology department on the hospital premises.

Our Fees

If you require medical imaging whilst an inpatient, you will receive a separate account from South Coast Radiology for the performed services. These accounts will usually be sent to you after you have been discharged from the hospital or alternatively they can be collected from our department within the hospital. As a patient in a private hospital, payment of these accounts are your responsibility.

Most inpatients (unless covered by WorkCover or Department of Veterans Affairs) will have an out-of-pocket expense, this is the gap between the Medicare rebate, your private Health Fund contribution and the fee charged by South Coast Radiology for your examination.

  • Out-of-pocket expenses for Health Care Card and Aged Pension Card holders is capped at $200 per hospital admission
  • Out-of-pocket expenses for private inpatients is capped at $800 per hospital admission

If you require imaging examinations outside normal practice hours, an additional charge will be incurred and will appear as an After-Hours-Fee on your account. These fees are not claimable on Medicare or your private health insurance. These fees will be charged over and above the capped fees per hospital admission.

Account Payment

Please arrange for full payment of your account to be made immediately upon discharge from the hospital by visiting our department within the hospital. If for any reason you are unable to attend our department to settle your account please see Our Payment Methods page to make alternative arrangements.