Tomosynthesis - Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Breast tomosynthesis is the most advanced technology for the early detection of breast cancer and is now available at South Coast Radiology's specialist Women's Imaging Clinic.

3D Mammography compared to normal mammography is:

  • 27% more effective at detecting breast cancers
  • 40% more effective at detecting invasive breast cancers
  • Reduces false positives by 17% ( unnecessary biopsy)

This service is provided at The Women's Imaging Centre (TWIC) in Southport on the Gold Coast and is provided at same time as a standard mammogram.

  • Low dose images of breast at multiple angles
  • Reduce or eliminate the tissue overlap effect
  • Tomosynthesis studies consist of 50 reconstructed slices

Contact The Women's Imaging Centre on 07 5564 0851 to talk to our staff about this and other women's imaging services.