Additional Echocardiography Services Now Available at Varsity Lakes and Darling Downs Radiology

Echocardiography, or cardiac echo, uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to evaluate the heart’s health in real-time, including heart shape, size and function, and valves and vessels for narrowing or incompetence. Echocardiography uses B-mode, M-mode, and spectral and colour Doppler to diagnose, manage and further evaluate patients with suspected or known heart disease.

Doppler shows blood flowing into the heart, through the four chambers and back out again. Ultrasound can show if there is any abnormal communication between the left and right side of the heart or blood leaking through the valves, and estimate how effectively the heart valves are opening. Multiple measurements are taken and compared to normal and abnormal ranges. For example blood velocity, wall thickness, area of regurgitation or valve stenosis can all be assessed and compared with the known normal range.

South Coast Radiology has expended its Echocardio services to Varsity Lakes and Darling Downs Radiology.

Echocardiography is also performed at John Flynn Private Hospital, Tweed Heads and Mackay Radiology.